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You buy the track and it's yours to do whatever you want with it
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Mastered World-class Bulk tracks for incredible prices
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Bulk Track Sellers

Bulk Track Sellers

We are bulk track sellers for serious stock music sales sites


Revolutionary Pricing

Revolutionary Pricing

Professionally recoded tracks at whole sale interent pricing never seen before


No Music Licensing or Usage Policy


No Music Licensing or Usage Policy

We produce music tracks in all genres 24/7

More Than 50,000 Tracks Sold

More Than 50,000 Tracks Sold

Our sold tracks have amassed 50 Million Streams


World's first Music Content Farm

Being the world’s first bulk content farm we are on the road to becoming the biggest music content provider to the stock music sales Industry. Our Aim is to produce 20 Million tracks in the next 3 years.


what we do

We produce Music Tracks In All Genres 24/7

Our trained creators use professional music softwares to produce incredible sounding tracks with lightning fast speeds. We utilize cutting edge mastering techniques so the tracks sound loud and clear


Cheapest Pricing In The Industry

Bulk track purchasing at lowest price! 


50 Million

Our Sold Tracks have amassed 50 million streams and counting.

Automated Process For Large Clients

Tracks delivered with complete METADATA in excel format. If you are DDEX ready we can upload.



Professionally Recorded

We take pride in our work making sure to deliver the highest quality to our clients!

No Artificial Intelligence

We have and always will make sure our work is produced by individuals. 


With offices all around the world, we are always ready to talk and produce!


Tracks Produced In Thousands


sold In Thousands


Tracks streamed In Millions


Streaming revenue from tracks In thousand dollars

Story Time


Mahmood Khan has spent over 30 years in the music industry focusing on production. writing, video production, marketing, and distribution. A sound engineer by trade, today he is known the world over as the cutting edge, trailblazing World music Artist. Australia adopted him and rewarded him with its citizenship in recognition of his Live recording at the Sydney Opera House, a song called Like the River which went to number 1 on the ARIA pop charts. 
in 2020 he set the  International and Australian music charts on fire by scoring several number 1 song but his works with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra takes the spotlight by going number 1 on the Billboard Classical Crossover charts. A first for any Australian artist and orchestra. His contribution to the Australian music industry is immense and is sure to become sweeter in time. 
A few years ago he set out to create what he now calls a ‘Content Farm’.
It’s an environment where thousands of tracks are being produced on a monthly basis, similar to the production companies he experienced in Los Angeles but at a much bigger level. He still remembers the awe-inspiring moment when he visited the Rondor music publishing offices in Los Angeles where hundreds of writers and producers created music 24/7 in small cubicle-like studios spread across several floors of a hi-rise building. Mahmood was able to develop his content farm with sheer determination, experience, and valuable relationships with coders, musicians, industry gurus,  investors, and businessmen. His approach from training to delivery is truly unique and took several years to develop and perfect. Today he has built a company that has a goal to become one of the top suppliers of marketable music content to music distributors and consumers.  It has in place music creators in several countries that write and produce and others in the group who help curate the music.

What Our partners are saying

our team

Our Dedicated Team

We got a team of Incredibly talented, hard-working young men and women who feel they are very blessed to be doing this work.
This is the first time training and music production jobs on this scale are being forwarded in India and the Philippines
They are humbled and excited to be part of the global music industry in this way.
our benefits

The Kantado Touch

We produce endless amounts of music so you get what you want.
With us, you will discover new sounds and tracks that will lock with your emotions.
You can be 100% certain that you are getting the most up to date music.
Our passionate music creators use pro programs like Soundation, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.
Our music supervisors with decades of industry experience make sure only the best music is offered. We got some of the best Ears in the Industry.
We offer 100% licensing free buying which frees you up with complicated licensing agreements and added costs.